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Jeff Jarvis - ''DeepBlog is a good list of good blogs. When people ask you for a starting point to read blogs, this looks like a decent suggestion.''

Jeff Jarvis - ''DeepBlog is a good list of good blogs. When people ask you for a starting point to read blogs, this looks like a decent suggestion.''

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The following are some of the very best and   

most respected blogs in their respective fields   


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News Blogs
The Blog Herald 
Blog Critics 
Topix News 
Drudge Report 
The Smoking Gun 
Salon - The Blog Report 
MSM - Notable Blog News:
NEW YORK MAG:  Blogs to Riches - The Haves and Have-Nots of the Blogging Boom.  by Clive Thompson
BUSINESSWEEK:  Blogs Will Change Your Business- Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up...or catch you later
WSJ:  The Blogs Must Be Crazy, Or maybe the MSM is just suffering from freedom envy.  by Peggy Noonan

CNN: Bloggers get set for State of the Union.  by Michael Coren


LONDON:  Emergency Services - As tsunami blogs fill the web, Bobbie Johnson (The Guardian) considers the role of citizen journalism in a disaster

POYNTER:  The world turns to citizen journalists for eyewitness accounts and more as the crisis continues to unfold.  by Steve Outing

Tech Blogs

Ars Technica
O'Reilly - Radar

Quick Online Tips

JOHO The Blog

David Sifry


Joi Ito

Science Blogs

WIRED Science
In The Pipeline
Science Blogs
John Hawks
WSJ Health Blog
Respectful Insolence
Gadget Blogs
CNET - Crave
Gadgets Weblog
The Laporte Report
Business Blogs
Seth Godin's Blog
Tom Peters
Portals & KM
Web Ink Now
The Trump Blog

BW BlogSpotting

Not Running a Hospital
Corporate Blogs
Oracle Blogs
Boeing - Randy Baseler
GM - Fastlane Blog
Lenovo Blogs
Southwest Airlines Blog

Media Blogs


Social Media
Media Dragon

Publishing 2020

Law Blogs
How Appealing
Lessig Blog
Above The Law
Law Professor Blogs
The Volokh Conspiracy
Sentencing Law & Policy
The Invent Blog
Blonde Justice
Be Spacific
Dennis Kennedy
Sui Generis, NY Law
The Becker-Posner Blog
Real Lawyers Have Blogs
THE HILL'S Congress Blog
Ed Blogs
Joanne Jacobs
Blog Abroad
NYC  Educator
Minding The Campus
The Education Wonks
This Week in Education

Beyond popularity,

looks for content, insight, fascination,

uniqueness, and usability in order to

highlight quality blogs for quality time.

Every click is an exceptional example

of this new self-publishing tool in use.

Get acquainted with some top bloggers

and find a sea of subjects, expertise,

and personalities to enjoy.


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Open Directory Project

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IceRocket BlogSearch

Best of the Web: Blogs

Google BlogSearch

Blogger's Choice

Weblog Awards

Blog Explosion

Google: Blogs

Yahoo: Blogs




Blogs Now



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 Political Blogs

Power Line

Think Progress

The Moderate Voice

Iain Dale's Diary, UK

Andrew Sullivan

Michelle Malkin

Hugh Hewitt

Talk Left


Oliver Willis

Pajamas Media

The Huffington Post

Democratic Underground

La Shawn Barber's Corner

Antony Loewenstein, AU

Talking Points Memo

Real Clear Politics

Vodka Pundit




Mickey Kaus

Townhall Blog

The Belmont Club

David Akin, Canada

Hullabaloo by Digby


MSM Blogs

Brian Williams - The Daily Nightly

Anderson Cooper 360°

Carl Cameron's Corner

Katie  Couric's  Notebook

Jake TapperPolitical Punch

Greta Van Susteren - GretaWire


Military Blogs

Mudville Gazette

Black Five

Boots in Baghdad

Marine Corps Moms


Spiritual Blogs

One Cosmos

Faith and Theology

What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Velveteen Rabbi

Beliefnet Blog

Amy Welborn

Sunni Sister


A Nun's Life

Ashtanga Yoga

The Revealer


Catholic Light

A Mindful Life

The Front Pew

Religion NewsBlog

Evangelical Outpost

The Deacon's Bench

Mystical Paths Kabbalah

Woodmoor Village Zendo

AKMA's Random Thoughts


Gov. Blogs


White House Blog

US Aid Blog

DOD Live


Zeitgeist Blogs 2013

From the Now Culture of Xeni Jardin and Boing Boing to the Ideological Ideas of Markos Zúniga (Daily Kos) and Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit) to the Humility of Wil Wheaton and the Passion of Dave Winer (Scripting News), this is a Quick Portal to the Zeitgeist Blogosphere.


Boing Boing

Rebecca MacKinnon

Citizen Media Dan Gillmor

Creative Geek Living Shai Coggins

InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds

Daily Kos Markos Zúniga

PressThink Jay Rosen

Scobleizer Robert Scoble

Scripting News Dave Winer

Xeni Jardin (SHEH-nee zhar-DAN)

BuzzMachine Jeff Jarvis

Beppe Grillo's Blog

Wil Wheaton






Doc Searls

Dave Barry

Dilbert Blog

Sean Bonner

Scott Rosenberg

Professor Bainbridge

Little Green Footballs


Regional Blogs

Hyperlocal News Blogs

Blogging Los Angeles

Globe of Blogs

Westport Now

Travel Blog

Blogs Canada

London Logue

London Bloggers

Global Voices Online

Universal Hub - Boston

uthink - New Zealand

Oh My News - Korea

Shanghai Snippets

The Paris Blog

Japan Blog

Blog Africa

NK zone

India Uncut

Brazil Travel Blog

Real Russia Project

A Family in Baghdad

Venezuela News-Views

Citizen Matters - Bangalore


Literary Blogs

Maud Newton

Brenda Coulter

Rare Book News

The Literary Saloon

Sarah Weinman

A Writer's Life

Laila Lalami



The Millions

The Writing Life

Buzz, Balls & Hype

Neil Gaiman's Journal


Art Blogs

Smithsonian American Art

Working Artist's Journal

The Art Newspaper

Fluid Thinking

Modern Kicks

Absolute Arts

Speed of Life

David Byrne


Film Blogs



The House Next Door

MTV Movies Blog

The Movie Blog

Out of Focus


FilmMaker Magazine

Rotten Tomatoes Blog

Screenwriter John August


Photo Blogs

Cornershots - NYC

Flickr Blog

Shifting Pixel

Durham Township

Barcelona Photoblog

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman


Food Blogs

Chocolate & Zucchini

Simply Recipes

Huff Post Food

Over a Tuscan Stove

Cook (almost) Anything

Cooking For Engineers

The Food Section - NYC

The Scent of Green Bananas


Sports Blogs

ESPN Insider Blog


Golf Blogger

Fishing Jones

Wizbang Sports

Sports Law Blog

NHL Blog Central

Baseball Musings

Sox and Pinstripes

The Sports Economist

Sportblog - Guardian UK

The Mark Cuban Weblog

The Pro Cheerleader Blog


Out of seventy-million plus blogs, we may have missed one or two.......MILLION really good ones.



Many of them can be found through surfing the above weblogs and directories.


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Blog Pioneers






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The community for women who blog

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Roget's Thesaurus
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The World Factbook
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Weather History
National Geographic Atlas
Internet Public Library
The Online Books Page
Project Gutenberg
Classic Literature Archive
Public Library of Science
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Encyclopedia of Religion & Society
Beliefnet: Religious Source
Encyclopedia Mythica: Myth / Folklore
Monstropedia: Monsters, Magic & Legend 
The Biographical Dictionary

Martindale Center

Sports Encyclopedias
Internet Movie Database
Google Images
Google Earth




The Library of Congress
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US Supreme Court
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US Department of Homeland Security
US Department of Defense

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US Department of Justice





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South Africa Government 

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Federal Government of Germany

Iraq: Kurdistan Regional Government

Israeli Government 
Ukraine Government 
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Government Websites by Country  
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National Geographic Country Profiles





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...Start a "Why I Blog" section (Orwell: "Why I Write") just for posts that

explain why an author started his or her weblog, what drove them to do it.

"...we're honored to be a repository."


"I cannot say with certainty which of my motives are the strongest,

but I know which of them deserve to be followed."

 Why do you Blog?

Send Your Thoughts (Essay): "Why I Blog"

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Global Voices Online


~ Support Citizen Journalism ~

The Media Bloggers Association is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting, protecting, and supporting the development of "blogging" or "citizen journalism" as a distinct form of media.

Reporters Without Borders has fought for press freedom on a daily basis since it was founded in 1985.




Click here for An Easy Guide & Portal to Quality Blogs

Click here for An Easy Guide & Portal to Quality Blogs

  Previously in the Header:


BLOGS: Ethics, Policies & Disclosures

Charlene Li


David Weinberger


Bill Ives


Official Campaign Blogs of

U.S. Presidential Candidates

Click Here for Barack Obama's Campaign Blog

Click here for John McCain's Campaign Blog

Click Here for Hillary Clinton's Campaign Blog

Click Here for Ralph Nader's Campaign Blog



The U.S. State Department's first-ever blog

GOT FEEDBACK? Evolution of Security blog is sponsored by the Transportation Security Administration to facilitate an ongoing dialogue on innovations in security, technology and the checkpoint screening process.


Based on 545,446 votes cast in 49 categories over six days of voting in early November 2007, here are the winners of the of The 2007 Weblog Awards

Guests have included Henry Jaglom, Peter Bogdanovich, Leonard Nimoy, Patricia Arquette, Paul Dinello, Thomas Jane, Louise Frogley, Dan Mirvish, Bruce Cohen and many others.


PBS's new television show Wired Science is a co-production between Wired Magazine & PBS, Wednesday nights at 8pm on your local PBS station.

Tara C. Smith: assistant professor of epidemiology in Iowa. Tamsin Gray: living in Antarctica to research climate change. Sheril Kirshenbaum: a marine biologist at Duke University. Michael Tobis: master's in cybernetics, Ph.D. in climatology. Clifford Johnson: USC professor of Physics and Astronomy. Ziya Tong: host and field producer for WIRED Science. Damon Gambuto: producer on the WIRED Science tv show.

Time Magazine - in partnership with CNN


Welcome to’s new Blog Spot, where you can keep track of the latest headlines, information on upcoming primaries and caucuses, details on the candidates, and blogs, blogs, blogs. provides up-to-date information in a community setting with a user-friendly design, and Fans blog about anything and everything in sports.

Setting the Woods on Fire is a blog about music: old country, rock, bluegrass, folk, western swing, classic jazz, and some new releases too.


Successful and Outstanding Bloggers - SOBCon08 is “Biz School for Blogging.” This year’s event tracks entrepreneur bloggers and corporate bloggers alike, with an innovative format and a stellar cast of speaker/instructors.

by Laura Ingle - Fox News Reporter in the field and on the Story.


The Overland Examiner



Edward Cone: Beginners Guide to the Blogosphere


Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up...or catch you later

"The Red Couch"

Publisher's Proposal 1.0:

Why businesses should blog and how to do it effectively

By Robert Scoble & Shel Israel


Amy Wohl's Opinions

Business Newsletter: The Effect of Blogs






Click Here for Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities

 A Nun's Life

A Blog about Being

a Catholic Nun

 in Today’s World

Click Here for 3 for 365: Three good things happened to me today


   Click Here for FunAdvice

is a community of users that

give and receive advice

on nearly every topic.


Film and Television Reviews and Comments


Welcome to the baseball world of Alyssa Milano at MLBlog





 Click Here for: Over a Tuscan Stove


Cinema Minima


A Friendly Blog Game of Tag

This comes from White Lightning Axiom: Redux who got it from Sitka Surfin who got it from BuzzStuff: Bloggers randomly link-out to other bloggers who then link-out to other bloggers, and so on, and so on. "Pay it Forward" in the blogosphere.



Click here for An Easy Guide & Portal to Quality Blogs

Click here for An Easy Guide & Portal to Quality Blogs



It's a Free Speech Thing! at Cafe Press





Silvestri Storyworks advises writers, producers, directors, and other filmmakers on how to conceive, develop, and execute screenplays with a serious emphasis on positioning them in the theatrical feature and television film marketplace.

Blog Pioneers: R - E - S - P - E - C - T


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