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  Local Citizen Journalism / News & Information 

  Click here:  The Center for Citizen Media

Dan Gillmore at The Center for Citizen Media

  Click here:  PressThink by Jay Rosen

Local News Blogging at PRESS think by Jay Rosen

  Click here:  Buzz Machine by Jeff Jarvis

New Model for NEWS at Buzz Machine by Jeff Jarvis

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United States of America
Eastern Hartsville, SC Bluffton, SC
Lakeland Local Polk County, FL Paulding County, GA
Greensboro 101 Greensboro, NC
Backfence McLean and Reston, VA
Gotham Gazette NYC, NY
Daily Heights Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY
Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY
Buffalo Rising Buffalo, NY
Barista of Bloomfield Ave. Montclair/Glen Ridge/Bloomfield, NJ Philadelphia, PA
GettysBLOG Gettysburg, PA

Westport Now Westport, CT

CT News Junkie CT
Killingworth Today Killingworth, CT

Universal Hub Boston, MA

H2Otown Watertown, MA
Blogging Belmont Belmont, MA
Live from Arlington Arlington, MA
Wicked Local Blogs 158 Communities in MA
GreylockNews Berkshire County, Williamstown, MA
The Everett Mirror Everett, MA

iBrattleboro Brattleboro, VT

The Winooski Eagle Winooski, VT
Joe's Pond Cabot, Danville and Walden, VT
Village Soup Knox / Waldo County, ME
Pegasus News Dallas, TX
Blount County Voice Blount County, TN
Muncie Free Press Muncie, IN
My Missourian mid-Missouri

Twin Cities Daily Planet Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

MN Speak Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Northfield, MN
Perfect Duluth Day Duluth, MN
  Citizen Wausau Wausau, WI
Arbor Update Ann Arbor, MI
Chi-Town Daily News Chicago, IL
Go Skokie Skokie, IL
Pratt News Pratt, KS
New West The Voice of the Rocky Mountains
Around Carson Carson, NV San Diego, CA
Santa Barbara's Blog Santa Barbara, CA NW Bakersfield, CA
Coastsider San Mateo County - Half Moon Bay, CA
Beast Blog East Bay, San Francisco, CA
Benicia News Benicia, CA
Portland Communique Portland, OR

North America

Urban Vancouver Vancover, Canada

Mexicali Blog Mexicali, Mexico



Island Pulse Isle of Wight, England

BrooWaha - London, England


Crewe Blog Crewe, England

Gibraltar News Online Gibraltar, U.K. Puteaux, France

BrooWaha - Paris, France




OhmyNews Korea

JanJan Japan

BrooWaha - Mumbai India

Citizen Matters - Bangalore India



Goulburn Valley Blogger Mooroopna

The Mornington Weblog Mornington



Nata Village Blog Nata, Botswana



coming:   Mid-East

South America


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Broowaha is space that you can claim as your own, along with your neighbors, to inform each other about what's going on in your city, life and mind.


Poynter Online


Public Journalism Network

Paradista Digital


Center for Citizen Media

 Paradista Latino - Central & South America

Libel, defamation, slander and confidentiality:



A brief guide for citizen journalists and bloggers


Now Public

Ratcliffe Blog / Mitch Ratcliffe (hat tip: Jay Rosen)


New Voices


Get Local News

Newspaper interviewing 101


Global Voices Online

Detroit Free Press


Independent Media Center



Topix is the leading news community on the Web, connecting people to the information and discussions that matter to them in every U.S. town and city.





 NewAssignment.Net’s mission is to spark innovation in “open platform” journalism, distributed reporting and what’s now called crowdsourcing.


Inspired by the open-source movement, this is an attempt to bring journalists together with people in the public who can help cover a story.

openDemocracy is the leading independent website on global current affairs - free to read, free to participate, free to the world... is a participatory news platform that democratizes the media by helping everyone get involved.

The Media Giraffe Project is the collaborate project involving journalists, technologists, web-media practitioners, educators, producers and individuals concerned about the future of media and democracy.


As part of the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and funded by USC's Annenberg Center for Education, our mission is the development and continuing education of professional online journalists.


OneWorld is the world's favourite and fastest-growing civil society network online, supporting people’s media to help build a more just global society.


The essential source for editors and senior news executives looking to stay abreast of the monumental changes affecting newspapers and journalism.



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With 206,567 free and paid WiFi hotspots in 135 countries, JiWire's WiFi Hotspot Finder makes it easy to locate wireless Internet access around the globe.


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