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Cerno:  To perceive, to separate, sift, distinguish /decide, resolve, determine (as if all that is really possible).  Based in Sri Lanka, Cerno was educated and lived in the U.S. (aka the "first" world); some (not all) posts focus on the culture and the living that goes on in a third world country.

Parallel Universes:  "Laughter and walking are the best medicines." Dr. Emer

The Moderate Voice:  Irreverent comments, analysis, original reporting and links on important stories in the news, written by a team of writers with varying centrist perspectives. Founded by editor and veteran journalist Joe Gandelman, a political independent and moderate who is also a professional ventriloquist.

Media Giraffe Project:  Spotlighting media innovation in support of democracy and community

The Revealer:  A Daily Review of Religion & The Press

RConversation:  Ideas, links, and occasional rants by Rebecca MacKinnon: journalist, blogger, and educator.

JMG Art Blog:  New and Reviews of Art, Artists & Art Instruction

Citizen Paine | Citizen Journalism:  Ari Soglin: An insider's views on citizen journalism

Antony Loewenstein:  The Nature of Politics in Australia and around the globe.

Google Directory:  Weblog Resources -- Weblogs: An IntroductionSource material for weblogs

Open Directory Project:  Weblogs and Resources 

Internet Public Library:  Information on blogs, blogging, and bloggers. 

Buzz Machine:  by Jeff Jarvis - a former TV critic for TV Guide and People, creator of Entertainment Weekly, Sunday editor and associate publisher of the NY Daily News, and a columnist on the San Francisco Examiner.  Now he is working with The New York Times Company at on content development and strategy and consulting for Advance, Fairchild, and the City University of New York's new Graduate School of Journalism, where he lead the creation of the curriculum for the new media program.

The Populist:  The Voice of the common man in America

Mad Kane’s Political Madness:  Mocking The GOP 24/7: Satire, Song Parodies, Limericks, & News Haiku - Madeleine Begun Kane

Emdashery:  A blog that emphasizes cool ways to market and distribute books. Emdashery – sophisticated ideas for world book exposure

Resistance is futile!:  Armed with a 12 gauge, a six-pack, a J.D., and the TRUTH, Gullyborg launches a relentless crusade for conservatism...  Live, from Salem, OR... You will be assimilated!

Et Cetera:  Publick and Privat Curiosities

Media Dragon:  Bloggers are like the little first amendment engine that could (a Top 100 Cultural and Political Blog in 2004)

Unplug Your KidsGiving children back their childhood by swimming upstream in this technological world, and trying not to drown!

WarChild Riding Group:  Chaffee, MO

The Royal Flush:  ...So I was web-surfing today, looking at various online content, and here's some interesting reading I found...

One Dirty Martini:  All a gal really needs is a little luck and a great strapless bra

Blinq:  Daniel Rubin -- Reporter at the Philadelphia Inquirer since 1988, except from 2000 to 2003, when I was Knight Ridder's European correspondent, based in Berlin.  Latest job: covering the business of entertainment.

The Stuff of EarthMichael Pahl's Blog with thoughts on life, faith, and all the rest...  Location: Alberta, Canada ...husband and father, college New Testament instructor and doctoral student, fan of the Calgary Flames and product of the Canadian prairies...

Mlog: Political and philosophic ramblings of a mind in the wilderness.

Pisani Blog:  Pisani at LeMonde Online, France

Random Thoughts From Marybeth:  The news from Marybeth (est. 1959).

Feng Shui Your Own Way:  Eclectic, Practical, Purposeful - by Jacqueline

Portals and KM: by Bill Ives - This blog shares ideas and hopes to generate discussion on the use of portals, blogs, and knowledge management to provide value to organizations through practical applications. New trends and technologies are covered with a switch to art, music, travel, and food on the weekends.

The Media Drop:  Swarming and Informing Since 2004

Sox and Pinstripes:  Jeff Louderback and Vincent Mercandetti's Ultimate Blog About Baseball's Greatest Rivalry - The Boston Redsox versus The New York Yankees.   

Blog Liftoff:  by Bambi McLean - An analysis of weblogs and their constructive use in education.

Hollywood Backstage:  a “behind the scenes” look at film and television production

Good Morning:  Hear The Good News

Tupelo Kenyon:  Personal Development, Inspiration, and Uplifting Music 

3 for 365Three good things happened to me today

CinemaMinima:  Film News for Movie Makers Worldwide

The Overland Examiner:  "Advanced Citizenship" on the Local Level

Fluid Thinking:  a sideways glance at my life as an artist: facetious observations on making art punctuated occasionally by Serious Reflection and perhaps the odd rant  Tips, Tools & Toys for the Personal Blogger

Condoleezza:  Most interesting tips and some special facts about marketing and management. Be sure about the networking, presentations and lead the strength to rule over the outsourcing....

Clifford Shack Forum:  Realize Abiding Peace, Happiness and True Freedom By Dissolving Mind Into Self

Web Reporter:  Live from the Information Superhighway 

Our Cultural World:  Anthropology, Associations, Beliefs, Cultural Anthropology, Culture, Culture Shock Stories, Customs, History, Life, People, Practices, Tradition, World, Family

Creative Ventures:  Steve's Blog - Simple, Powerful, Elegant 

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